Daemon Worship - Worship XII​.​XIII VA 2013

"This is a chronicle of two years of Darkness, Damnation & Death!" - to celebrate the last day of the calendar 2013 year Demon Worship Productions is offering a free "Worship XII​.​XIII" online sampler. Gathering songs from twenty and one band, that Demon Worship Productions worked with and will work with in the future. Various flyers and artworks are included in the archive.

NIGHTBRINGER - Watchtower of the West: Gate of the Mighty Dead 07:53
NEFANDUS - Crown of Labour and Strength 03:41
WEAPON - Para Bhakti... Salvation06:58
ODEM - Cult of Flesh 05:20
ARFSYND - The Fiery Spirit 08:07
ANDRAMELECH - The Voiceless Verb of Vovin 09:09
SERPENT NOIR - Shadow as a Portal11:21
AB IMO PECTORE - Mass Grave Emanations 04:06
MONTE PENUMBRA - Dark Figure05:22
PERDITOR - Victorious Scars 04:45
SERPENT NOIR - Open Up The Shells07:14
LASHBLOOD - Echo of the Void 08:49
ISRATHOUM - The Presence, The Baying 04:52
FUNERAL GOAT - Abrasax Rises To Be Crowned 04:51
NECROSADIST - Lies of Repent Turning Red 05:07
INSULT - Dissenters 02:50
WORMLUST - Sex Augu, Tólf Stjörnur10:51
THE ASCENDANT - Witness The Glorious Creation 06:33
VERBUM VERUS - Omens 07:43
BESTIA ARCANA - Shepherd of Perdition 10:32
DØDSENGEL - Watchtower of the South: Drunk Upon Inmost Fire 12:37

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