AUTISM Releasing "The Crawling Chaos" on CD

Post Metal band AUTISM starts 2014 by releasing "The Crawling Chaos" CD. Lithuanian post rock / post metal solo project AUTISM started 2014 by releasing their debut album The Crawling Chaos on a CD. This album originally was presented as a digital mp3 release in early 2013, which got quite positive reactions in the underground scene, which led to the cooperation with Mexican label Throat Productions, which released this album.

This album takes a darker turn with the narration of fragments of HP Lovecraft's maddening story The Crawling Chaos. The album's heavy guitars and pounding drums drive add to the telling of an Opium overdose over a century ago. The combination of spoken word, post rock, and ambient sounds were composed in the way that each listener could relive all the emotions of the main character.

"This album was a big step in AUTISM biography. I was always interested in music which had solid, interesting and strong concept behind it. After the album was finished, I personally was very proud of how it came out. Sound, the atmosphere and whole concept merged together so well that this release set the bar for future AUTISM albums higher than I could imagine. So The Crawling Chaos has put a lot of pressure on me, but the same time made me feel proud." - explained the man behind AUTISM.

The Crawling Chaos is a soundtrack to HP Lovecrafts novel and the same time a tribute to the genius writer.

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