All the Empires of the World - Sunscraper 2014

All the Empires of the World - crushingly loud atmospheric sludge! There's two completely different tracks that crushed my soul - Fortress & Low Devil. Highly Recommended!

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"Fortress" lyrics
Stone walls/my God

Lost/I'm lost
Steel & gold/what do I know
Push through/to dust

They will resist, like fortress walls
Like men turn to dust
They will fall (they will fall)

And at the last I fail once more
My efforts are nothing, return to the soil
Death now contain an end to my will
I am scattered ash, I must exist still

Land of the fortress/the shadow of God
That hunts in the valley/that's flooded with fog
Kneel at the wheel/that grinds so slow
The fields you sow/the poisonous soil
Rise like Lazarus
Tired/but alive

I am nothing/rotten walls

Rusted leviathan crawl through the mud
Iron wolves, swarming the blood of your love

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