Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss 2014

Ottawa based post-metal trio Alaskan releasing brand new LP entitled Despair, Erosion, Loss. No ifs, ands or buts, this record is dark, intense and full of sorrow. The mood of the record is set by a opening track titled "Sacrifice", a terrible story of a young girl who was a victim of sexual abuse.

Pre-orders for Despair, Erosion, Loss are now available at Alerta Antifascista Records and Moment of Collapse Record, release info: Heavy printed gatefold outer sleeve, Heavy printed insert, 180 gram vinyl, 200x yellow/brown vinyl, 200x black/white vinyl, 600x black vinyl.

bandcamp: alaskan
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In early 2012 a young 15 year old girl by the name of Amina Filali was sexually assaulted in Rabat, Morocco. It took her two months to build up the courage to tell her parents. Naturally they went to the police. From the moment they reported the crime the crown prosecutors suggested they adhere to Article 475 of the Moroccan penal code. It states that a “kidnapper” of a minor may marry his victim to escape prosecution. Article 475 has been used to justify making a rapist marry his victim in order to preserve the honour of the woman’s family. In Moroccan society, the loss of a woman’s virginity outside of wedlock is a huge stain of honour on her family. Her assailant initially refused the marriage yet eventually agreed when faced with prosecution which could have carried a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison due to the age of the victim. After the marriage Amina would continually complain to her mother about her husband’s abuse towards her. Her mother counseled patience. So in March of 2013 Amina bought rat poison for the store and swallowed it. When her husband found her body he dragged her through the streets by her hair.

27.02.2014 Thursday | Germany | Leipzig – Zoro w/ CALEYA [DE] + HECTOR SAVAGE [DE]
28.02.2014 Friday | Poland | Wroclaw - Pod Pałacykiem
01.03.2014 Saturday | Poland | Krakow – Please Don´t Cry Fest w/ CATHEDRAAL [FR]…
02.03.2014 Sunday | Poland | Zudunska Wola – Variete
03.03.2014 Monday | Czech Rep. | Olomouc – Galerie U Mloka
04.03.2014 Tuesday | Czech Rep. | Brno – Vegalite
05.03.2014 Wednesday | Austria | Wien – EKH w/ OAKEN [HU]
06.03.2014 Thursday | Austria | Linz – Kapu w/ OAKEN [HU]
07.03.2014 Friday | Austria | Graz – Sub
08.03.2014 Saturday | Italy | Monza – Boccaccio Squat w/ OVO [IT], AGGATHA [IT]…
09.03.2014 Sunday | Italy | Pisa – Boderline Club
10.03.2014 Monday | Slovenia | Ljubljana – Club Gromka
11.03.2014 Tuesday | Italy | Trieste – Tetris
12.03.2014 Wednesday | Italy | Bologna – Venue TBA
13.03.2014 Thursday | Switzerland | ????????????????
14.03.2014 Friday | Switzerland | Wetzikon – Kulturfabrik w/ RED APOLLO [DE], I NOT DANCE [AT], MAHLSTROM [DE], RUE DES CASCADES [CH], AESOP [CH]
15.03.2014 Saturay | Austria | Feldkirch – Graf Hugo w/ I NOT DANCE [AT]
16.03.2014 Sunday | Austria | Salzburg - MARK Freizeit u. Kultur
17.03.2014 Monday | France | Straßbourg – Molodoi
18.03.2014 Tuesday | Germany | Köln – AZ
19.03.2014 Wednesday | Germany | Bremen – Sielwallhaus
20.03.2014 Thursday | Germany | Hamburg – Rote Flora
21.03.2014 Friday | Germany | Neubrandenburg – AJZ w/ DEZAFRA RIDGE [DE]
22.03.2014 Saturday | Germany | Berlin – Köpi w/ DEZAFRA RIDGE [DE]

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