Synsophony Latest Offering "Rabbit Hole" Streaming

Synsophony are back, following up their critically acclaimed debut EP with their latest offering, "Rabbit Hole". Rabbit Hole furthers Synsophony's efforts to push boundaries, boldly venturing into the realms of experimental music. Building on the solid foundations laid by Karmic Existence, the incorporation of spoken word allows the band to invite the listener into the gloomy head-space which they inhabit when writing music. Bearing their instrumental side more clearly, guitar and piano occasionally emerge from under the blanket of the wallowing cello, piano, and the band's occasionally unorthodox production methods.

The EP is due for an initial digital self-release via Bandcamp on January 5th. Rabbit Hole will then be followed by a cassette release via Acephale Winter Productions, featuring an EGB remix of the lead track in early 2014. The cassette will also feature Synsophony's debut EP, "Karmic Existence".

Since forming in early 2013, Cambridge duo Synsophony unleashed their dark psychedelic brand of drone ambient with their first EP, "Karmic Existence". Released to consistently favourable reviews, Synsophony were hailed as an underground force to be reckoned with. Under the influence of industrial acts like Lustmord and Flint Glass, black metal acts like Nachtmystium and Watain, with a healthy slice of stoner/doom such as Thou and Bongripper thrown in, the band's experimentation draws the listener into a bvisual sonic land-scape. Oscillating between ambience and cacophony, Synsophony leaves one wandering in dark disquietude.

Synsophony interview on Archiv Hate magazine issue #06 (starting on page 38)

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