Ruke - Dragster 2013

Morgan Gleave's one man ukuledoom (ukulele and growling) project - Ruke. The "Dragster!" is a new 4 song EP, it's totally DIY, it's raw, rocking and raucous! Recorded direct to Dictaphone and mixed in an afternoon - "I picked up the ukulele, harmonica and Dictaphone and got cracking!" says Morgan.

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The songs were written and demoed back in October, so did a quick playback to reacquaint myself, then bashed out raw, mono recordings this afternoon. After adding some great vintage sounds from, the ep was ready!

Filling out the raw sounds with authentic drag racing sounds, and bashing in some heavy echo and delay on last track 'Burnout', has been really great fun. Playing with sounds and working out running orders was a blast, and I wanted to get these songs out before Christmas, as I think it's a great way to finish my musical year.

Dragster! is up for grabs, name-your-price on Bandcamp now! Download, rock out and enjoy!

Growing up with drag racing, watching races in my pushchair, I guess writing songs about it was inevitable. These are songs which describe my childhood love of big fast cars roaring down the track!

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