Doom In Aeternum - First Compilation VA 2013

Doom In Aeternum an exclusive blog, which dedicated its lines, spaces to the genre and its subgenres they love. A place where you can read all kinds of reviews, interviews with bands. This is the first compilation by Doom In Aeternum: Spanish national and international band gathering, 20 bands which have been featured in the blog. They destroyed the World!

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Aathma - Under Black Waters 10:30 
Beneath The Storm - Away 09:32 
Black Capricorn - 10000 Tons of Lava05:57 
Chivo - Drill of The Horn 05:51 
Dark Tharr - The Blinded 05:46 
Dom - My Last Day 10:27 
Doomed - The Ancient Path 09:06 
Ea - Taela Mu 10:00 
Evadne - No Place For Hope 06:51 
Goat Leaf - Ain't Got Time To Bleed06:30 
Hela - Horns of God 10:08 
Hipoxia - Children of Winter 12:14 
Lothorian - Doomsday Calling 07:10 
MotherSloth - Pile Of Fortune 03:32 
Lowshake - Goodwill Promises 08:29 
Tentud√≠a - Little Keys 06:56 
The Shooters - Desert Sun 06:28 
Torpor - Bled Dry 03:54 
Treitum - 1000km 10:19 
Voltron - Pittiplatsch Anoraknar√∂k 05:15 

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  1. Thank you very much for the post. We had a band waiting to be published on our compilation ... we had no problems in waiting. Now we have the material: MONOLITHE. You can listen to two samples of his latest work "Monolithe IV".



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