Discos Macarras - III Years of Doom and Dark Sounds VA 2013

Discos Macarras is a record label and distro, dedicated to doom/ sludge/ rock/ stoner/ metal/ thrash/ death/ grind/ black/ punk and other dark sounds...This is their collection of 13 songs of the bands that have been released by Discos Macarras during its first 3 years of life - HelaMuerte Por Mil Cortes, Oyabun and more..

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Compilation CD, free with every order to www.discosmacarras.com, contact info@discosmacarras.com

SANTO ROSTRO - Blood Run 08:03
TROCOTOMBIX - Povero Palomo 03:42
GARÜDA - Raven Prayer 12:12
LOUDED - Cosecha 03:57
HELA - Horns of God 10:07
MUERTE POR MIL CORTES - Descenso 04:29
CODO - Tirabuzón 05:05
CABEZA DE CABALLO - Volcanic Spell 07:11
EXTINCION - Marcha Fúnebre 03:30
EVILHORSE - Awake 08:15
LOWSHAKE - The Reason 04:46
OYABUN - Gods & Dogs 04:57
MEMEST - Lucky Dead Man 04:10

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