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Black Insect Laughter blog just published Best Albums of the Year/2013! Best thing about it - it's a compilation, free to download collection of hardcore/ doom/ stoner/ noise rock tracks from the best albums! This is definitely the best list I have seen so far!

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Band info and reviews on all the albums featured here:

Void Of Sleep - Wisdom Of Doom (from the album Tales Between Reality And Madness 07:07
A Storm Of Light - Fall (from the album Nation To Flames) 04:44
Phantom Glue - Perils (from the album A Light Of War Cones) 03:48
Charles Manson - Gibberish 00:11
Integrity - Detonate Worlds Plague (from the album Suicide Black Snake) 02:03
Departure (The Spiral's Edge) - Regulus (from the album Titan Moon)06:54
Witch Ripper - Ice Wizard (from the S/T album) 03:23
11 Paranoias - Inside Eusas Head (from the album Superunnatural) 07:01
Humanfly - A Majestic Story (from the album Awesome Science) 06:12
Tyranny Is Tyranny - The American Dream Is A Lie (from the album Let It Come From Whom It May) 07:40
Cultura Tres - Rezando al Miedo (from the album Rezando al Miedo) 05:01
Black Capricorn - Capricornia (from the album Born Under The Capricorn)05:23
The Freeks - Big Black Chunk (from the album Full On) 03:09
Druid - Ritualistic Seduction (from the Cosmic Serpent EP) 08:00
Burning Bright - Sleepless Me (from the album Domesday) 03:57
Black Majik Acid - Chaos Sphere (from the S/T album) 07:25
New Tongues - Awkward City (from the album We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For) 06:41
Zud - Blood and Twilight (from the album The Good, The Band And The Damned) 08:23
Domovoyd - Incarnation (from the album Oh Sensibility) 05:11
Black Plastic Caskets - Philistine Sun (from the S/T album) 04:38
Seremonia - Ovi (from the album Ihminen) 02:50
Rawhide - City Kids (from the album Murder One) 04:42
Great Falls - Wound Instructions (from the album Accidents Grotesque) 02:40
Mountain Witch - Shrubbery The Warlock (from the album Cold River) 05:16
Pyres - Deserter (from the album Year Of Sleep) 04:48
Cult Of Occult - Opus Ad Odio (from the album Hic Est Domus Diaboli) 10:59
Domadora - The Oldest man On The Left (from the album Tibetan Monk)13:18
Nonagon - The Pfister (from the album The Last Hydronaut) 02:53
Tombstone - Dance Of The Dead (from the album Where The Dead Belong)05:34
Death Mercedes - L'Inconnue De La Seine (from the album Sans Eclat)03:18
Voodoo Mule - Honeyland (from the album Voodoo Zoo) 08:52
Cowards - Smell Of An Addict (from the album Hoarder) 04:01
Thinning The Herd - Rabbits (from the album Freedom From The Unknown)05:08
Cloud Rat - Infinity Chasm (from the album Moksha) 02:13
First Process Church Of Mars - 6 Leaves Left (from the EP 6 Leaves Left)12:19
Ren Hoek - Losing His Shit 00:35
Primitive Man - Scorn (from the album Scorn) 11:44



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