This Noise Is Ours - Reverberations Volume 1 2013

Heavy metal and hardcore music blog This Noise Is Ours celebrating third birthday and present first free-download digital compilation "Reverberations Volume 1".
This compilation supports bands from across genres, from metal to hardcore, from instrumental to grind and everything in between. Each song on "Reverberations Volume 1" has been provided with special permission from the bands and their labels. Long live to This Noise Is Ours and have fun, this is truly amazing compilation!

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When I first started the blog (apart from not really having a clue what I as doing), I focused on posts about local bands from Yorkshire. I decided that for my first compilation, I would pull together songs by bands from Yorkshire, as well as a few guests from outside the county. I've gathered together nineteen bands, some signed and some unsigned, to create a varied free-download compilation that shows off the strength and breathe of our wider scene. It includes bands from across the genre, including hardcore, black metal, death metal, noise, instrumental and even some straight-up metal! 

Apparently We Fly - Dogs Die In Hot Cars 02:46 
Clean Shirts - Leech 02:28 
Scorned - Volition 03:03 
As Albion Sleeps - Oberon 09:00 
Iced out - Sleepless 02:48 
We'll Die Smiling - Based On The Truth...And Lies 04:32 
Lazarus Blackstar - At The Foot of The Coldest Mountain 05:04 
The Departed - Faithless 02:50 
Woes - Blasphemous Runes 01:57 
BongCauldron - Pissed Up 04:47 
DSDNT - Cornered 03:23 
Sunwolf - Midnight Moon 05:38 
Wort - Swineherd 03:25 
Famine - Grindsnore 00:33 
Written In Torment - Grief  06:31 
Sea of Giants - Seasick 03:59 
Masochist - Crucify The Whore 03:57 
Wraiths - Pyramid Head 02:53 
Malevolence - Serpent's Chokehold 03:42

You can find out more about the bands at this location!

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