Blackwitch Pudding - Taste The Pudding 2013

Blackwitch Pudding is a doom/ stoner trio hailing from Portland, OR. Their full-length "Taste The Pudding" is bands latest effort, recorded in May of 2013 by Mike Moore at Toadhouse Studios (Red Fang, Black Pussy, Mammoth Salmon, Norska..) in Portland Oregon, mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson. Favorite track - "Acid Castle Mountain Top".

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Paying Homage to the rotten filth from which they were born, Blackwitch Pudding is actually a band of three Wizards. Legend has it, they were raised from a stagnant used puddle of ergot, left by the mysterious Blackwitch, hundreds of years ago. Trained in the dark arts of doom and witchery, these Wizards wander the cosmos in search of nothing, for their path is a simple one.... the riffs must be heavy and the smoke must be heavier.

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