LARA KORONA is breaking up

Exactly one year ago German hardcore band Lara Korona announced that they are on a hiatus due to personal reasons. It took a while for a band to make right decision and after a short farewell tour this fall Lara Korona is breaking up! Fuck! RIP.

Dear Friends,

During the last weeks of saying goodbye we got the opportunity to realize once more what was offered to us since the beginning of beeing together as a band. There is so much to this- we can't tell in detail. Our love and thoughts go out to countless people who supported us in any way! Thank you for keeping and developing content around different political ideas and areas, for setting up awesome shows, for all those awesome people in awesome bands sharing the stage with us, for helping us rehearsing, recording and releasing, for attending our shows and showing interest in the things we've created!

Thank you for making friends. You really mean the world to us!

Lara Korona is now breaking up.
We really do this for personal reasons in a positive manner.
We played our last show on October 1st at Sub Graz.
We recorded our latest songs right before the tour in our rehearsal space- let's see if there will be another little release in the future.
LP's and merch are nearly sold out. For last requests go to has pictures or videos (any quality!) please send them to us ( We would love to keep them as good memories.
And no worries- we are going on in creating music and keep you informed about further projects.

Thank you!

Eric, Konrad, Max, Georg & Andreas.

“Alle Lichter…”

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