cmn ineed yr hlpout - it came without warning​.​.​.​as most disasters do 2013

Progressive post-rock trio Cmn ineed yr hlpout of Chicago, with the line-up consisting of Jose Rosales (guitar), Ian Gegenheimer (drums) and Mark Oster (bass), have just released their second record "It Came Without Warning...As Most Disasters Do", a concept record about a giant sea monster held captive against its will.

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With their second record "It Came Without Warning...As Most Disaster Do" the band has streamlined their writing and storytelling abilities to create an album even more fluid and surprising than their acclaimed debut "The Curse of B'Zhang". A combination of King Kong, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Free Willy, the album tells the tale of a gentle sea monster trapped and kept against his will for the amusement and profits of his oceanfront captors. Our protagonist becomes frustrated with his predicament and sets forth on a plan to escape, regardless of the cost in human life.

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