American Aftermath: Autumn Annihilation compilation VA 2013

American Aftermath presents: Autumn Annihilation – A Sludge/Doom Compilation. 12 tracks of the best bands (with many Throatruiner bands): Love Sex Machine, Vulgaari, Cowards, Red Apolllo, Mammoth Salmon, Olde Growth, Montezuma’s Revenge, NonsunPrimitive ManWizard FightNational Sunday Law & Verdun.

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Love Sex Machine – “Fucking Battle”
Vulgaari – “Battlestag” 
Cowards – “Smell Of An Addict“ 
Red Apolllo - “Transgression I: The Obsession Of The Earth” 
Mammoth Salmon – “Magnetic Fields Of Radiant Light” 
Olde Growth - “Tears Of Blood” 
Montezuma’s Revenge – “Anti-Entity” 
Nonsun – “Rain Have Mercy” 
Primitive Man – “I Am Above You” 
Wizard Fight – “Wizard Of Black” 
National Sunday Law – “Theriocephalic” 
Verdun - “Last Man Standing” 

This compilation has been months in the making. Originally, this was supposed to be released in late June or early July under the title Summer Of Sludge Vol. 2, but things got crazy, we got busy and the Summer flew by. I am thrilled to finally release the latest American Aftermath digital compilation Autumn Annihilation. After three months of delay, you can now stream and download this compilation for free. Enjoy!

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