Aetnea - st 2012

Surpassed an old-fashioned approach to rock, metal and electronic music AETNEA collective moves on with new solutions to line-up problems, taking convergent paths through different genres.
The result is a mixture of different tastes and feelings, balance by a digital and analog approach. The self-titled album of AETNEA band is also their first. It was mixed, recorded and mastered between September and November 2011 at OverFlow Studio by Fabio Trombetta, Boris Giuffrida and Blu Falabella.

The album has a unitary sound, although there're many different influences and genres played in it. Post-Rock, Post-Metal and Electronic music, the main genres that define AETNEA s style, are consistently and lucidly mixed with many others like: dub, jazz, avantgarde, ambient, sludge, concrete music.

The considerable difference between this work and others is in the interpenetration between electronic and analogic music, obtained working on their simultaneous construction. Analogic music stimulated the work on electronic, and this one molded the analogic part, in a simultaneous construction of both.

Simultaneous construction is the yield of the different competences and knowledge of different branches of contemporary music of the various musicians who took part in the recording sessions, met to make a unique and original compound.

The use of the harmonics and live vst, jazz syncopation, acceleration and deceleration, odd time signature, sampling and granular synthesis, but also of acoustic guitar, sitar and reed/wind instruments creates a unique album in coherence and eclecticism, in its whole and in each composition.

This album reveals a manifold and conceptual exercise of style, but it’s also the mirror of the emotions, feelings and thoughts of the musicians.

It’s an album for everyone and nobody, on the edge between classic and experimental form, thought for people who want to look "behind" and "beyond" the music.

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