synsophony - karmic existence 2013

The debut EP from instrumental dark ambient/blackened drone/industrial duo Synsophony is now out on Acephale Winter Productions.Hailing from the UK, Synsophony formed early in 2013, when Ollie Borgstein joined Tom Pryce in a strive to produce music which is as scary as it is psychedelic. Drawing on industrial acts like Lustmord and Flint Glass, black metal acts like Nachtmystium and Watain, with a healthy slice of stoner/doom such as Sleep and Bongripper thrown in, Synsophony s brand of experimental post-metal aims to paint a sonic landscape which will draw the listener in, warping sense and mind.

Synsophony's debut EP - Karmic Existence - stands at 23 minutes long, and was recorded March-April in the depths of Cambridge. Put on your headphones, crank up the bass, and enjoy!

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