rosetta - the anaesthete 2013

Rosetta's fourth full-length entitled "The Anaesthete" and first totally independent release is available now for download as (Name your price) limited time only. Physical media available Fall 2013 on Debemur Morti in Europe and Monolith in Australia.

bandcamp: rosetta
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We're using Bandcamp to host it. So for most of you, this will be a familiar interface. It also means you can stream the whole album before you pay for it.

It is pay-what-you-wish. That includes paying nothing, which you can do by entering '0.00' in the dollar amount field. We will still ask you for your email address if you want to download for free. Please note: there are only 200 free downloads available. Once they're gone, they're gone, and everyone else will have to pay. This is standard Bandcamp policy for pay-what-you-wish albums, not our decision. Though we would hope that if you like the record enough to download it, you would pay what you're able to, even if it's only a couple dollars.

Bandcamp uses Paypal to collect your payment. You don't need a Paypal account to go through the checkout process. Payment is accepted in US dollars only, but if you use a credit card or your Paypal account, the conversion should be done automatically anyway.

Please contact Bandcamp if you have trouble paying (there is a link on the album's download page), not us.

As we have said many times before, there will be CD and vinyl versions of this album, but all will be available LATER -- probably later in the fall of 2013. The CD version will be released in Europe by Debemur Morti, the vinyl will be released in the USA, Europe, and Australia by the band, Debemur Morti, and Monolith respectively.

The master for this album uses no peak limiting whatsoever. It is clean and free of clipping. It's so good, in fact, that the same exact master is being used for digital, CD, and vinyl versions. So go ahead and download that FLAC version. You're not missing anything, we promise.

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