Rats Get Fat - No Country For Decent Men 2013

Rats Get Fat is chaotic hardcore punk directly from Ĺ˝ilina, Slovakia. Latest band effort features solid hardcore riffs and typical Rats Get Fat sounding tunes. For those who's not familiar with the Rats Get Fat 2012 year release "..it's a trap", I recommend you to start discovering band exactly with previously mentioned release, which is also featured on Archiv Hate. "No Country For Decent Men" vinyl and CD version will see the light this September. Highly Recommended!

"We give our music over to fight with human stupidity, hypocrisy, xenophoby and racism, to support DIY and UG culture and laugh to mainstream face. We cannot change it and we cannot stop it, because this is what we are. Join us or get out of our way." - Rats Get Fat

bandcamp: rats get fat
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Band is making album supporting tour - "Rats On Roads". Tour dates available bellow and you can book these dudes on open dates via mutant.agency@gmail.com:

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