Brand new mixtape series by all mighty CVLT Nation - DOOM NATION: VOLUME 2!
Get ready for 24 bands and over 2 1/2 hours of the heaviest bass lines in this stonerdelic universe! This mixtape is an ultra addictive listening experience, so download and get doomed!

Art by Sloan

Doom Nation Vol. 2 Tracklist

1.Mourning Cloak: No Visible Light: 8:00

2.Eyehategod: New Orleans is New Vietnam: 4:07

3.Huata: Operation Mistletoe: 7:36

4.Swamp Witch: Novem: 4:49

5.Primitive Man: Stretched Thin: 2:55

6.Sleep: Druid:4:52

7.Salem’s Pot: Run the Night (Wicked Lady): 7:27

8.Albino Python: Stone Gray Skies: 4:28

9.Old Witch: FUNERAL RAIN: 7:30

10.LYCUS: Engravings: 9:37

11.Usnea: Monuments to Avarice: 14:22

12.CHURCHBURN: Come Forth The Swarm: 8:45

13.The Gault: Bright White Blind: 8:14

14.Atriarch: Plague: 7:11

15.Forn: Coiled, Alone: 4:10

16.Shaman’s Owl: Sacred bird: 2:14

17.Bell Witch: Beneath The Mask: 5:53

18.Ringing Bell: With Positive Actuator To Project And To Retract Thereby: 3:21

19.NIGHTSLUG: On Field Of Mayhem: 12:49

20.WINDHAND: Amaranth: 7:25

21.Pallbearer: Devoid Of Redemption: 8:19

22.Eibon: Asleep And Threatening: 10:44

23.Ramesses: Khali Mist: 5:59

24.Loss: Despond: 2:07

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