at devil dirt - (​(​(​sunshine​)​)​) 2013

At Devil Dirt is a two men band by Néstor "Gato" Ayala (Guitar/Vocals) and Francisco "Hongo" Alvarado (Drums). (​(​(​sunshine​)​)​) is sort of a demo material consisting of 5 fuzzy songs, including cover of English rock band The Beatles to a song "Across The Universe" (two versions).

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Good news, At Devil Dirt will be releasing new album entitled "PLAN B: Sin Revolución No Hay Evolución" by the end of the 2013. Check out video teaser bellow:

took 72 hours writing the new lyrics of our new album, I told you folks, we are full of hate this time, I can not wait for you folks enjoy the new songs, we have launched shit everywhere, tired of this system, I guess it's the same all over the world. the new album is sounding more devilish that satan will...

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