Abbotoir - MCMXV 2013

Abbotoir, doom / noise band from UK.

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An appointed, amorphous being emerges from the unknown, revered and with an infinity of knowledge. This force is omnipresent and unknown to man; assigned to reverse all signs of existence. As the true nature of the void reveals itself, humanity proceeds to heed the advice of the unknown and deconstructs the creations that it has grafted; de-educating itself towards an inverted state. Signal discrepancies silence logic and ensure a continous disassembly of the human condition, mirroring the prior progress of time. Humanity reverses its own chronology, guided by the omnipresent void, perceived with absolute divinity. Over time, this absent-mindedness reaches further absurdities, reducing human capabilities to that of instructed machines.

The fate of total destruction of humanity is sealed, relinquishing systemic control. Earth is now paved for future endeavours. As humanity approaches its end, it is taught to accept its demise as unavoidably self-driven, in a final show of cosmic irony.

As the last to remain fade out of being, a new planned experiment commences.... -Abbotoir

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