roussemoff - special long decay version 2012

Hailing out of Melbourne, Roussemoff brings some catchy minimalist/psychedelic metal tunes.

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The album in question is the result of a small odyssey, a day of guerrilla recording in sweltering February heat. The space: the cavernous guts of a now-demolished Amcor printing and packaging facility here in Melbourne.

A week before the building was due to go down, Roussemoff lugged their tools of destroy deep into the facility, to a gutted laboratory; a room rich with swirling reverb and dead industrial memories.Surviving potentially hazardous chemicals, oppressive heat and even electrocution, the Melbourne trio made it out alive with 6 tracks, 40minutes and 40 seconds, and a full length album of nothing but pure vibe.

Download of the album includes HD wallpapers for computer, iPhone/Andriod and iPad/Tablet.

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