Maniyax Records: Whorls/Orbit The Earth/Omega Massif

German DIY-label Maniyax Records focusing on doom, hardcore, crust, instrumental released some records worth listening to in the past few month.

As its not tied to one specific genre you´ll find very interesting releases from all kinds of underground music, being it Black Metal / Dark Hardcore on the below mentioned WHORLS - Hailing from Denmark, WHORLS play a chaotic mix of blackened punk and metal. This is their first 7" and the sound is like a head-butt that blows up your face! The whole release comes with a good part of Black Metal. WHORLS still being completely original and crushing. Your ears will bleed! This is limited to 250 copies, so better be quick.

Some Botch-inspired Hardcore with atmospheric vibes on ORBIT THE EARTH' first LP called "Aphelion". Think of Botchs technical-finess teaming up with the dark atmosphere of Jr. Ewing and the heavynes of Isis.
Somewhere near that “Aphelion” will make its musical impression. 40 minutes of heavy, groove-infected atmospheric songs. Some of them are a ‘two and a half minute fist to the face attack’, some take their time to develop into thirteen minutes of sad melodies and bulldozer guitars.

Maniyax' latest release is the tape version of OMEGA MASSIF's long awaited masterpiece KARPATIA  Founded in 2006, OMEGA MASSIF quickly seized the attention and interest of listeners from several genres (metal/doom/sludge) through the years. Their new and 2nd album KARPATIA, a result of two years songwriting, again unites the well known calm melodic components with an immense dynamic and dark feeling in the monolithic heavy parts. In contrast to other instrumental bands, OMEGA MASSIF invent their own sound and are able to maintain the tension throughout the whole record without the usage of cheap climax ideas.

101 copies of KARPATIA are made and only one copy is yellow (case and cassette). The tape is held in the design of the vinyl and comes with a handmade cutout cardboard sleeve.

Maniyax Records
Fabian Pott
Hoffschulte Str. 9
48155 M√ľnster

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