endand - mechanics & energetics of stilt​-​running 2013

EndAnd from Brooklyn NY, are back with a daring and vulnerable departure less than 12 months later; "Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running".

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Vocalist/Guitarist Daniel Fern says:
"This album is immensely personal and angry. Maybe even schizophrenic, I don't know. It's 11 songs and only 21:30 minutes. It's themes are focused mainly around immigration and being trapped mentally and physically in a situation one does not have control over (I was an illegal immigrant for nearly half my stay in America since I arrived at the age of 12. I'm now 27). Diseases such as chronic muscle tensions, stomach disorders. and cancer. Relationships, loss and mistrust. The loss of my father and grandfather. These are the themes. I'd rather not put one under a microscope."

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