Across Tundras, Lark's Tongue split 2013

Across Tundras, born on the Western High Prairie in 2003, vista North of Nashville, TN. And Lark’s Tongue with origins from Peoria, IL, featuring members of Minsk. This is the first cooperation between the bands and on both sides of the split you will find two mind-blowing songs feeding your poor souls with a little ration of prog rock.

The Southeastern part of US joining The Midwestern in magical split combining inconceivable dosage of psychedelia, dark country & Americana with great inspiration of folk and blues music. Split features 4 songs only, but don’t get downcast, each band is blasting blood boiling riffs for solid 15 minutes and more. Highly Recommended!

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Across Tundras / Lark's Tongue split LP on the timeless and unrivaled vinyl format. Includes a stunning gatefold layout with woodcuts from Travis Lawrence @ Infinity Prints.

250 - Brown Translucent vinyl
150 - White vinyl
100 - Brown Translucent with White "starburst" colored vinyl

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