Church Of Fuck - Year Of Sorrow VA 2013

The second Church of Fuck sampler is now available to stream and download for free, it features a track from every release so far this year and every scheduled release to come. A fairly eclectic mix within the heavy music spectrum, metallic hardcore, black/sludge/doom metal, crust punk, hardcore punk.

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Razoreater - DrownYourDaughters 01:55
Cease To Exist - Geburah 02:31
Swinelord - Sloth 01:40
Heksed - Suffer/Fear 01:19
The Pact - Breathing Fresh Air Through Rotten Lungs 01:48
Outrage CC - L&D 01:09
Esoteric Youth - Instinct 01:13
Cholera - Anonymous 02:29
Iced Out - Sleepless 02:48
Lord Misery - Indulge In Agony 03:47
Monolithian - The Anointed One 05:35
End Reign - Sacrifice 03:24
Prelude To The Hunt - Tomb World 04:00
Hammers - A Coffin In The Shape Of A Chapel 02:52

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