autism - the crawling chaos 2013

AUTISM a Lithuanian Post-metal / Post-Rock band have just released brand new album "The Crawling Chaos". Highly Recommended!

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After releasing a digital debut EP “Falling Motion”, which got quite positive reactions from post rock fans all over the globe, AUTISM has released a brand new album “The Crawling Chaos”. This release contains 6 tracks, which came out sounding much heavier then our previous works, but the melodic guitars and the atmosphere is still the same.

That’s, what the man behind AUTISM project had to say about the new album :

“When I started writing new material for this album, I decided that this time, I want to hear some vocals. Making instrumental music was not enough, so after some interesting experiments I decided to introduce a story-teller, who reads fragments from H.P. Lovecraft “The Crawling Chaos” book. This spoken-vocal idea was haunting me since when I heard THE DOORS “An American Prayer” for the first time. Later I came across ENABLERS “End Note” album, which made me sympathize for that kind of vocal even more. So I think introducing spoken vocals into my new album added some darker, more mystical atmosphere. Also, this release came out being a little heavier then our debut. Its hard to say why that happened, maybe I was never a big fan of traditional post rock, or maybe it just came out naturally while experimenting and trying to find the distinctive sound for this project.”

Also AUTISM presents you with their first official music video for the title track “The Crawling Chaos”.

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