UMOR video footage of the latest recording session

Live recording from UMOR garage. Four guys, 12 square meters of practice space, 8 microphones, a couple of crappy cameras and one take at our new song. Audio recorded by Ivor Plužarić, mixed and mastered by Jasmin Dasović.

UMOR Annoucement for 2013:
Since 2008 we've been touring Europe more or less regulary every year and have been to most major, and a lot of smaller cities across Europe, played in squats, small halls, medium halls, small festivals, barns, abandoned houses, all sorts of weird and at the same time beautiful places, meeting people we would never met if we did not got our asses into the van.

It's been a blast, and we live for the moment of stepping into that 4 wheel machine, loaded with our gear, sleeping bag, simple backpack and usually almost no money in our pockets.

And every year it just got better and better, more towns, longer tours, more people at the gigs, better response, better venues, interesting bands to share stage with. And of course, more friends.

It's not easy to do this thing DIY, as there is a ceiling, a point where you don't ever get reply, you get sidekicked by somebody else, nobody to vouch for you, to stand behind you and make your job easier. And we don't care, we'll do this thing DIY as long as we can stand, but sometimes... Sometimes it brings you down, and you're in a need of a break. We know, it is important to stay on the scene, tour as much as possible, and it would be great if we could do that all year round, but on our own, without promotors helping us, it gets too damn hard to book more than 20 dates in a row, not to mention twice per year, which is practically impossible. And on the other hand, we've all got place we call home, pay bills, rent, a job that cannot suffer because of just 20 days per year and the whole commitment for that period, I book tours and work on the 6 months in advance - just to make the whole thing work - sort of.

I had plans for this and last year, and plans never work out for us really, because the goals we set, usually - are not in our sensible powers. We haven't played at Stoned From The Underground, we haven't played at Roadburn, frankly we never got replies either, and seeing mediocre shitty bands touring Europe and playing those festival and alot of venues I never managed to book, the bands that are as mediocre as we are too, it get depressing at some point.

The fact that you're doing your best, and your best is just ignored and not good enough.

Fuck that.

A spring tour was scheduled for 2013, but unfortunately we'll have to skip this one. We are working on a new album, in our tempo of course, no rush, no pressure, we'll get this thing done, honestly, sincerly and crushing. I cannot tell when it will be finished, maybe in a month, maybe in 6 months, who cares?

We'll try to maintain some sort of concert activity, regarding our personal agendas. There are jobs, newborns on the way, some of us are even trying to finish college..

Who knows what 2014 will bring? Probably we'll attack full force in spring again with booking, hopefully people won't forget about us, maybe I'll do better PR, get some new contacts, and all the help we can get. we could use some.

Over the years we've shared stage with many cool and interesting bands always eager to learn how to be a better band, better musicians, better persons, or just stay sane by the end of the setlist, or another drunk night. And there's always something to learn new from other bands, if not anything else - you learn how not to do things wrong.

Errr... that's about it, started it as a simple hello, and turned into a breakup letter :)

We wish to thank all these good people that helped us through the last few years, either organizing gigs, shared stage with, or just sat at the bar drinking till daylight with us.
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