comity - you left us here​ 2009

After COMITY broke up for almost two years, the band returned back in 2009 with a new drummer! This is it, "You left us here...". Highly recommended!

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You left us left us here. 
We're lying on the ground, empty. 
Frozen cold blood still flowing, washing those pavements. 
Your desperate empire has collapsed. 
Every heartbeat was a new lie but you left us here. 
We once were gods but you left us here. 
And everything is quiet now, as everything is down. 
Nothing can reborn and rise above those who can't be define. 
We fear to live, not to exist, but time won't show it. 
A new dawn will fail again, 
our new sons will fall, over and over. 
Nobody's by your side anymore, because we're pure substance of consciousness. 
You knew we won't return but you left us here. 
Is something still breathing in those lands? 
We just left you there...

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