Circle Pit Shows presents a charity event for animal shelter Ulubele

Circle Pit Shows presents a charity event for animal shelter Ulubele featuring bands Mango, Židrūns and Rīta Stienis. Friday, March 15th, at club NABAKLAB.

In Latvia every single day 1- 2 dogs and cats are being placed in an animal shelter. Today Ulubele is home for more than 200 dogs and cats. The city of Riga supports the animal stay for 14 days, afterwards those dogs and cats who aren’t adopted are bound to be euthanized. Therefore Ulubele takes custody of the un-adopted animals giving them time and hope. Daily costs per dog are 2Ls, per cat – 1,3Ls plus veterinary bills.

The shelters resources are limited, so any help in the form of donations, goods (pet food, toys, newspapers, firewood) or volunteer work is much appreciated.

Supporting a good cause, all donations from the entry fee will be given to animal shelter Ulubele.

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