Circle Of Unexisted - Crossroads 2013

Dark and psychedelic instrumental Russian band The Circle of Unexisted.

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press release:
We are glad to introduce to you the new LP "Crossroads" by the band Circle Of Unexisted. This promo-record contains some tracks from the future albums of the band, which are not released yet. Imagine the weird room with strange portals in different locations of some multiverse's obscured worlds.

Psychedelic/oneuronautic soundscapes of this record are layers of some "sound documentary" about presence in these different worlds. Here we go, we can see the crossroads that leads in some other planes of there. Its hard to describe the experience like this in conventional ?musicological? terms ? so we suggest, that this kind of music should be tagged by the neologism "transgressive rock".

A striking feature of the new world view is the existence of multiple "other worlds" beyond our observable region. Some of them are rather uncontroversial. Very few people, for example, would question the reality of other O-regions, even though they cannot be observed. We do have some circumstantial evidence for multiple island universes with diverse properties. As for the other, disconnected spacetimes that nucleated out of nothing, we have no idea how to test their existence observationally (A.Vilenkin "Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes")

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