Ominous Silence - Compilation 2012

A collection or (un)released, demo, live or exclusive recordings from Ominous Silence, an independent record label from Northern Ireland.

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Hallowed Butchery - I Am the God of the Storm 04:40
Theologian - Rending of the Veil 3 07:53
Persistence In Mourning - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) 03:58
White Static Demon - To My Sister In The Lords Vineyard 10:42
Hellige - Degraded to Mortals 09:20
Grist - Baleful Hush 10:00
Bellaras - Wretch Asylum 06:09
Wraiths - Vox Penitentia 04:00
o.68 - Die Stadt (Remix by SynFlut) 08:41
Sun Devoured Earth - A World Full of Noise 03:16
RM74 - Because Of The Slow Shutter Speed (Live at Utech Festival Milwaukee 2011) 06:06
Final - Pripyat Funfair 07:29
Sewer Goddess - Chamber of Eternal Infectivity 05:20
Gates - Absence (Choral) 09:54
Treha Sektori - Berh Ehn Sehn Berh Ehn Serah 04:13
Sum Of R - Song II (Live at Dachstock Bern 2012) 07:54
Grist - Minacious Lull 15:20
Sun Devoured Earth - Useless 04:12
Sink - Justice is Heaven (Remix) 05:28
Cetacea - Radiolarian 13:58

Ominous Silence exists to support artists with strong philosophical and artistic beliefs. I believe that mass produced products cheapen the value of the art. Therefore releases will be limited to relatively small quantities and will be aimed at non consumerist minded fans. Ominous Silence will work closely with it's artists to create unique, aesthetically pleasing items that will be available directly from us and like minded labels / distributors. Ominous Silence's main focus is on, Black Metal, Doom, Industrial, Noise and Ambient.

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