comity - as everything is a tragedy 2006

Comity is an post-hardcore band from Paris, making noise ever since 1996.

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It shall be all about passion, it shall be all about art, but it’s all about failure. 
You shall fall, as everything…please use some pictures from my movie. 
Spit it, scream it, feel it and be proud of it. 
Roses time’s coming, with our names on god’s grave. here is your tragedy. 
Create, improve, just let us explode. 
Here is our tragedy, it’s your name (written) on our graves… 
You shall fall, as everything, again and again…as everything means nothing. 
Failure as the phenomenon. 
It’s time to forgive what can’t be forgotten. 
It’s time to write what can’t be forgiven. 
And it’s time to let you fail, as everything. 
Some gods are there to fall, let us free to… 
Some gods are there to fall, let us go through 
Some gods are there to fall, as everything, everyone, everywhere. 
No one god will care about your tragedy, as no one god will bury you, asking for deliverance… 
Theatres are burning, with stages on fire. A fire as cold as our hands could be. 
Just cold enough to burn our lips, and love can’t kill…as everything. 
Eat, poop and die, here is your tragedy. 
And thank you god for working ants… 

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