Portland’s bleak metal connoisseurs CHASMA have completed work on their noir-masterpiece "Codex Constellatia". The band’s second full-length is set for a February release on Moribund Records. Self-produced at Toadhouse Studios with Adam Pike, this five-song propitiation is sure to lay waste to the nonbelievers.

Preview of the "Codex Constellatia" track "Solarsin" bellow:

Formed in 2008, CHASMA is an unassailable black metal trio from the Pacific Northwest whose self-described seeking of “transcendence through ragged fury, shape-shifting dynamics, and frequently beautiful excursions, recasting classic black metal into otherworldly shapes and a plausibly modern contour” is merely the tip of the iceberg. Intense, powerful, and unflinching, CHASMA unleashes both the cold fury and undeniable beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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