Atlas - I II III IV 2012 + interview

Atlas is a 4-piece hardcore band from Holland. This will paint your life in black and then you'll die! mind blowing heavy tunes! highly recommended!

bandcamp: atlas
support at link (full EP + artwork)

interview with ATLAS

Q. There is not much information available since Atlas is a new band to the world. Please introduce to yourself and share a brief history of the band. We're a four piece hardcore band from Holland.
We like to make slow atmospheric music.
In the past we have always had hardcore punk bands.
after we quit our previous bands we all felt the need for something new after a while. we didnt feel we wanted to just continue where we left of.

Q. You certainly are not the first year into music. It definitely sounds that you have accumulated solid experience in music making for years. we have all played in various bands throughout the years, mostly trashy screamo kind of bands like propagator, angst and gonzo.
we have also been very lucky to have friends like tim kelly, who has been recording all our bands from the beginning.
Recording has helped us grow alott as well.

Q. Atlas is a direct message against humanity devastating existence?
we have a certain theme throughout the music we make, though we have no political agenda in that kind of sense. its more like we want to make dark heavy music that has a certain tone.

Q. Which are main things in our perception of life, what we should change in order to avoid damage to the environment and human existence? We al have our ideas about what is wrong in this world though we think this is really personal and feel everyone should find their own answers.

Q. Straight edge? 
no, none of us are straight edge.

Q. The booklet included with Atlas EP is a masterpiece. What inspired you and how did you come to such awesome result? is this question about the article included? if yes: we asked a good friend of ours, davey smand, to write an article based on the lyrics and the music.
Davey got it straight away and wrote a great piece, that we felt complimented the music.
if its about the art design of the booklet: we al talked about what image would fit the music and decided to go for some atmospheric photographs. afterwards joost designed the packaging to make it a whole.

Q. There are no song titles, just number for each song - I II III IV. 
this was also done to keep it a bit minimalistic and open to interpretation. also the Ep should be seen as a whole and names did not really help to convey that. the numbers themselves are not really important its more about creating a soundscape.

Q. Is there a tour plans for 2012/2013? 
we want to do a small tour in the coming summer, though there are no real plans at the moment (if anyone want to help us out mail:

Q. What’s on your daily playlist? 
to name some of the things we are currently listen too:
- Fear is the path to the darkside
- kings of leon
- Die antwoord
- Radiohead
- Tame impala
- Phoenix bodies
- Radiohead
- Titan
- Amen ra
- Massive attack
- Black mesa soundtrack

Q. What are your suggestions for new bands which have just started their activities, or plan to start, or existed for a long time? we really are not the right people to answer that because we are discovering things ourselves all the time. but if one thing comes to mind its to not take everything too seriously and just enjoy making music.

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