ARCHIV HATE Two Years Anniversary

2011, January 30 the day when ARCHIV HATE have been launched! Just 731 days together with all you great people! Thank you!

Sitting and listening to the one of the greatest covers of all time - Vestiges "Zombie"

..yeah, and some of my favorite stuff on ARCHIV HATE. What bands you've discovered with ARCHIV HATE?

I'm broke, but I'm happy!
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*why I need money? I want to buy a motorcycle, Japanese sports car and small house! That's all I need!

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  1. Hard to keep track over the time I have discovered your site but the 2 that stick in my head are Mekabah and Hebosagil!

  2. Tony, good call, like them both! probably for me the best thing was Rorc..! actually, I just can't pick one of them all, because the list is too large! around 1500 bands? probably!



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