amaury sauvé, la senelle studio - 2010/2012 records compilation VA 2012

Amaury Sauvé is a producer, sound engineer and owner of La Senelle Studio & Le Moulin de Favry, Laval, France. Mr. Sauvé is also a band member of well known bands such as As We DrawThe Brutal Deceiver and Hourvari. An awesome 15 track compilation of his work, during the period of 2010 till 2012, has been released and it's available as pay what you want!

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Birds In Row - You, Me And The Violence 02:57
The Brutal Deceiver - Ghosts' Whispers 03:07
Direwolves - Reach This Hand 02:55
The Prestige - Hooks & Lips 04:36
Robot Orchestra - Thirsty Anthem 02:56
As We Draw - Fingers To Stab 04:17
The Decline - One Of Them 02:48
Puzzle - Pièce IV 12:13
Taste The Void - Monotlith 04:30
Throw Me Off The Bridge - Heartfelt03:59
Wank For Peace - What Will Remain?01:59
Comity - II 08:29
Zapruder - Mt Fuji In Red 12:06
Nine Eleven - Starkweather 03:04
Hourvari - II 10:07


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