I came across with MONSTER ALPHABET trough the Russian sludge band REKA’s interview with IDIOTEQ, some time ago. There’s no doubt that REKA is one of my favorite bands, anyhow story isn't about REKA, but about the girl behind MONSTER ALPHABET.

interview with MONSTER ALPHABET

how it's all started?
It’s all started pretty long ago, i remember myself drawing since early childhood. My style's been changing for years, sure. The topic never changed, though. I've always liked corpses, zombies, monsters, nature and dark motives. That's one of the reasons why i don't use colors except black and white when drawing (i only draw with pencils and pens). The "concept" has always been to reproduce and depict shapes and textures without using mid-tones and shades and at least try to make the picture look alive.

I've been thinking of how to use my pictures outside band-merch and releases, wanted to do something by myself and for myself, in some way. So once at night the thought came down at me and I started choosing the pictures for the zine. I decided to call it Monster Alphabet due to the concept I had under this name - the zine is a really small book with a picture matching each letter of the alphabet placed in the alphabetical order. Each is hand-painted and inserted into an individual envelope of random color - brown, red, ivory or dark brown. I made around 78 copies if I'm not mistaken, first 30 were just a test for me, but as far as I could see it had a success and got sold out in less than a week. Then i made the second press and took it to Europe this summer when travelling. I was surprised with all the positive feedbacks I got and I appreciate it a lot. Now the First Monster Alphabet (as I call it) is completely sold out and I'm currently in the process of collecting some material for the new one. Hope it's gonna be of a better quality but still DIY as we all like it, haha.

How did you decide to collaborate with bands?
It started a long time ago. My friend had a band and wanted me to draw some kind of a poster. Then I tried photography as well but failed and decided to go on drawing stuff. To my surprise people got interested and now I consider drawing to be my job.

Have you received some really crazy opinion from people about your art? Something what you would not hear anywhere?
That's a tough one. Once, pretty long ago an anonymous user asked me a question that puzzled me: "Why do you draw pictures that make people feel depressed and worthless?" Sorry, dude, never intended to. Seriously. Well, what I really dislike, as many artists and musicians, I think, is when you're compared to someone else. Each artist and musician tends to become a unique one and that's what leads him or her or them to develop, grow in this respect. Comparisons depress, it feels like you've stolen something from someone. That's the worst, I think. Not necessarily for me, for everyone.

Self-criticism does make you stronger. That's the only thing that matters to me. If I don't like what I'm doing I'll never ever let anyone see it, most likely I'll just damage it and start again. And that of course a very hard step to take, frustrations are really hard to overcome sometimes.

Craziest artwork made by you?
Craziest...Well I haven't yet made anything really crazy, I think. But the very unusual to me was the poster I did for Unveil and Run With The Hunted European summer tour. But I really liked the concept and the idea, though. So I was just pleased to do it.

Future plans?
Well, nothing extra - just working further. Still bear tattooing in mind, just need to come up to it one day, I guess. Now I'm about to start working on a very interesting project with Basti (Moment of Collapse).

What is your motto?
Never give up! The more you move the more you gain, that's what I think.

Take care. Love animals // Lina.

monster alphabet & archiv hate
MONSTER ALPHABET interview at ARCHIV HATE interview magazine (more artwork inside)


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