Kollapse - st 10" 2012

Kollapse is a three headed entity that grew organically from overpowering feelings of resentment, frustration and anger. A direct consequence of rutinely banging our heads against society’s suffocating walls and not wanting to give in to the concept of being spokes in the post industrial machine. A means with no end in sight for dealing with personal issues like families disintegrating, loved ones struggling with disease and a deep feeling of frustration towards living in a supposedly civilized part of the world, where capital, apathy, consumerism and murder is the norm.

This is the sound of three men struggling to cope as the capitalist machine keeps on grinding.
Kollapse is therefore in some ways the sound of empowerment : a cathartic and ever evolving proces to emote and push forward.

Never Trust An Asshole is non profit DIY punkrock label based in Tarbes (FR, 65) and Bruxelles/Brussels (BE). Handmade records, shows booking, fanzines, distro, smiles, hugs, laughs, passion, love, passion.

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