HULDRA "Monuments, Monoliths" pre-order/new song stream

Salt Lake City, Utah-based post metal band HULDRA finished work on their latest full-length "Monuments, Monoliths" and 5 new tracks are available for streaming!

Artwork by Derek Ballard.

*shipping on or around 12 January 2013

Band official statement:
Today is a really important day for all of us in the Huldra camp. We are finally done with our debut full-length album titled "Monuments, Monoliths." We have been working on this beast for almost a year now and it's a huge relief to finally get it into your hands and ears. The album has 11 tracks total with 8 new songs and 3 ambient interludes for a total of roughly 77 minutes of new Huldra tunes. To get you all excited about the new songs, we're releasing one today (the fourth track on the album, titled "Ursidae") on our bandcamp site so hurry on over to check it out! The album in its entirety will drop in both digital and physical formats on January 12th, 2013. We will be setting up pre-orders on the bandcamp site today as well so that you can have a physical copy as soon as possible!
For those of you in the Salt Lake City area, January 12th will also be our CD release show. We're thrilled to announce that we will be playing at the mighty Shred Shed with some incredible local bands, Founders of Ruin, Eons, and Oxcross. We'll have physical copies of the new CD (which, by the way, has some great artwork by our friend Derek Ballard from Conduit Designs - see attached!) at the show as well as our previous works and t-shirts. We'd love to see you there!
Thanks for reading through this and we all hope you enjoy the new songs.
-Your Friends in Huldra

"Monuments, Monoliths" tracklist:
I. Monuments ... (4:48)
II. Twisted Tongues and Gnarled Roots ... (8:14)
III. Noctua ... (1:59)
IV. Ursidae ... (11:55)
V. Thousands of Eyes ... (7:50)
VI. Damnatio ad Bestias ... (2:03)
VII. As Above, So Below ... (9:44)
VIII. Is This the End? This Is the End ... (9:58)
IX. Monoliths ... (5:18)
X. Auctoritas Non Veritas Facit Legem ... (2:26)
XI. The City In the Sky ... (12:27)

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