Daleth - On Board With The Ark Ruffians 2012

After over a year long hiatus, Daleth returns with several songs as a digital only release. "On Board with the Ark Ruffians," features five heavy, blown-out, lof-fi sludge tracks. For those unfamiliar with Daleth, it's a one man band featuring J. Merrill (ex-Esteem, Noah's Apathy, Outliers). Merrill records everything using just one mic. Simple, and stripped down.

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"Ark Ruffians were Rogues who, in conjunction with sea-men, robbed, and sometimes murdered, on the water, by picking a quarrel with the passengers in a boat, boarding it, plundering, stripping, and throwing them overboard. Being "on board" with them would be a nauseating, frightful, and intense experience. I can only hope that experience one (or all) of these feelings through out this release."

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