Consciousness Removal Project - Do You Ever Think It's The End of The World? 2010

CONSCIOUSNESS REMOVAL PROJECT is a one-man post-metal band from Tampere, Finland. Its only official member Antti Loponen is solely responsible not only for compositions, lyrics and arrangements but also for most instruments and the record production. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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story behind "Do You Ever Think It's The End Of The World?"
Since I was writing songs faster than releasing them, I was well ahead of time on this album. I'm pretty sure I had a rather completed demo by the May of 2009. The lyrics may not have been there, but all the music definitely was. The drum recordings were done in January 2010 but the rest of the recording was delayed by many reasons and the final product wasn't out until August.
First I recorded the guitars direct with the Pod like always. Having bought an awesome Monster amp, I wanted to get its sound on the album and started re-doing the guitar tracks in June. I ended up using half of the original direct tracks and half of the Monster tracks. Usually in the big riffs there's a direct track on the right speaker and an amped one on the left. Most of the clean sounds are also amplified, but some of the leads were left as they were. On The Reclusive Road and The Ship, I used my Fender Deluxe combo in the place of the direct tracks.
The guest musicians' parts were the afterthoughts of this album made in the last minute, but they really were the spice it needed, although saxophone, cello and female vocals seem to be the ultimate clich├ęs of post-metal music.
The theme of the album can be interpreted on many levels, but in my mind, the emphasis is not on "it's the end of the world" but on "do you ever think". I was coming up with fictious persons and trying to make up stories for them facing their personal end of the world in the form of song lyrics. The only exception is the track Permanently, which is based on school shooting incidents in Finland in 2007 and 2009. Meanwhile, the song Hibernate jokes off at my own day job as a computer programmer by using lots of computer jargon with double meanings in real life. At the time of writing the song, I was working too much overtime and sometimes wanted to just go to a hibernate mode along my computer after the work day.
The song Negative Photosynthesis was considered for the album in an alternate track sequence, where Hibernate opened the album and The End of the World was the second to last. It would have been an interlude before the latter, but after the sequence changed, there was no place for it, so I decided to save it for later use. For a reason or another, the song The Last Season wasn't even considered to be worked on, at least not that I remember, although it was almost included for 852 the year before.
This was the first time I wanted to make a some sort of an official web release for the album. I bought the domain and made a website to function as a virtual album cover. The result was surprising, the album was downloaded so heavily that my hosting server died. I resorted then to bandcamp, which immediately became the new home for all the free CRP material. At the time CRP was just my bedroom project, it was natural to just post the songs online for free. Many people asked afterwards why I give my music away for free, or why I don't have a label behind me. -Consciousness Removal Project

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