child meadow - crispy BBQ tofu burger 2011

Caleiah born two years ago as a collective, as the union of four with a need, to make things right without sacrificing principles, currently working as a seal, developer and distributor. Caleiah is a secondary road, a journey to enjoy without seeking an immediate, sometimes longer and harder than the highway, but definitely a way that we want it or not, is already part of our lives.

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We like bikes! Yes, fresh from the Waiting for the summer of Ulises Lima , Caleiah not let anyone breathe, and throws it back in the peninsula of Child Meadow (France).
What has led us into this? A first listen of the album, we did say it, French screamo, without more, nothing new on the front ... In the second listening said, a moment what are only two? Drums and guitar??
And it gets to the third heard, when you need urgently call your colleague to say that this is a Listen pepinazo! And so we present, as an LP with great songs that describe the seasons and months of the year, a vital route that winds along the line between the rod and the emotional, musical parody cuts that take away iron intensity music and lyrics, and a hand-silkscreened cover that will delight many.

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