blood pavilion - harden your hearts EP 2012

Blood Pavilion "Harden your hearts" EP is the first release of Jarmo Nuutre's (Talbot, Skull Trading) electronic solo operation. Noisy electronics, dreams turned to sounds. Highly recommended!

EP includes six tracks, recorded in 2010-2012.
All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Jarmo Nuutre.
Cover photo by Inga Nõlvak, design by Jarmo Nuutre.

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Blood Pavilion "Harden your hearts" EP 2012
1. From time to time 3:33
2. They said 4:36
3. Apparently 4:44
4. The last untamed 3:30
5. Fingertip birds 3:56
6. Hardened their hearts 4:06

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