witch hunter records - the coven & neophytes vol 2 VA 2012

Witch Hunter Records label is dedicated to pay what you want digital downloads, and limited edition CDs.

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Limb - Daemoness
Reparation - Mea Vulnera
Iron Witch - Jailhouse
Seagraves - Hollow Lies
End Reign - To Pray For
Heksed - Waylands Knot
Old Wounds - Bleak
History Of The Hawk - Little Parisians
Black Veins - Death Crown
Koresh - You Can Call Me Gaahl (unmixed)
The End Of History? - The End Of Fuckin History
Prelude To The Hunt - Grudgebearer
Black Mass - Vermin Of The Earth
Knife Crimes - World Past Saving
Year Of The Flood - Slowdancer
Beastwars - Empire
Mage - Degenerate
Tree Of Sores - A Cry Of Despair (edit)
Atragon - Sound In the Halls

Witch Hunter Records

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