slaves bc - we mean nothing EP 2012 + interview

During WW II, Pittsburgh produced 95 million tons of metal and they still do. There are a couple of dudes who definitely knows how to make it. One of these guys has run through every single post of ARCHIV HATE. Let me introduce you with SLAVES BC, five piece badass dudes from Pittsburgh.

Slaves BC want to press a full length, but for this purpose they need your support.

Q. Introduce us to SLAVES BC.
We're just a group of dudes that share a love of music. Jason plays bass with lots of fuzz (from his Sanford & Sonny Bluebeard). Sean plays guitar with his beard. Rick has a hundred guitars but usually just plays one…for recording (Gibson Les Paul), for shows (Gibson SG), for practice (Fender Telecaster with a Dimarzio Tone Pro pickup), you get the idea... Josh screams until he throws up or passes out. And Stephen bangs his drums... and sometimes plays them.

Q. It’s not a secret that you have free spot in Slaves BC line-up. You are looking for a new drummer. Still looking and what you are looking for?
Yes. (Don't tell Stephen) Just kidding. We're very happy with how fast he's learned our songs. He's a great guy and most importantly he's reliable.

Q. I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with “This World Shall Pass Away” demo. It’s only A DEMO, BUT IT’S .. it’s a kick-ass demo! Is it a self-recorded?
Thank you! The songs came together really naturally. Each practice someone has a new riff or makes one up or has some sort of creative idea. We still can't stop making new songs. Josh's Dad recorded us in his personal studio. We call him Dr. Weedbeast aka The Wizard because he's just magical behind the boards.

Q. “Believer's Response” and “Lucifer Bound” are the songs which I like the most from your demo. Can you name one of your favorite songs from this demo release?
We all have our personal favorites but we all agree that we enjoy “Hide Us, O' Death” quite a bit. We had a lot of fun making it and once we had all the parts organized, I think we played the ending over one hundred times… and then played it slower and slower a hundred more.

Q. Slaves BC are working on a new material. What changes can we expect in sounding & style? 
We've become more comfortable playing together and have a more focused direction on our own style and what we want to create. You'll hear a lot of the same elements that make Slaves BC songs what they are, but with a lot more influence of black, stoner and doom metal forming the foundations of the songs.

Q. Does recording process differ from the demo recording session? This time it should be more complicated, right?
Actually, we don't know yet. We're going in to record at Very Tight Recordings (Code Orange Kids, Heartless) on October 6th and 7th, and it will be our first experience in a professional studio.

Q. Will there be songs included from “This World Shall Pass Away” demo to the upcoming release?
No. This World Shall Pass Away is still being worked on, and it will be its own full-length album, separate from the new stuff.

Q. What inspires band for the lyrics and titles of the songs?
The lyrics on This World Shall Pass Away come directly from the Book of Revelation. It is basically a concept album that tells the story of Revelation from the viewpoint of different people that are experiencing it. The new stuff will reflect some of the ideas found in the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Q. What about artwork - will there be there?
Josh has done most of the artwork for Slaves BC and will continue to do so. There are artists that we would love to do work for us. Jacob Bannon would be a dream.

Q. Name those special releases or events what inspired you to do what you are doing right now – SLAVES BC?
We have all had a passion for music from early on. So we've always been involved in music in one way or another. Also, whiskey.

Q. What bands are you listening to daily? Playing gigs with mentioned bands? Tour plans for SLAVES BC this year, next year?
We haven't made any plans to tour yet. We're mainly focused on recording right now. So far we've played with Cousin Sleeze, the recently reunited Once Nothing, and The Atlas Moth. The shows keep getting better and better. We're super stoked for an upcoming show with Nachtmystium, Jarboe, and Weapon. Jason has been listening to some new stuff like Fister, Grime, Dopelord, Dopethrone, and a lot of old stuff like Cream, Taste, Josefus, Blue Cheer, Blind Willie McTell, Son House and older Blues and Rock bands. Josh has been jamming to Converge, Electric Wizard, Graveyard, Watain, Nachtmystium, and Lord Mantis. And political news talk radio shows. Which is a mistake. Sean doesn't listen to music. He spends most of his time grooming his beard in silence and tending to his zen garden. But if he were to listen to music, it would probably be a lot of Dog Fashion Disco, Knives Out, Lamb Of God, The Chariot, Neutral Milk Hotel, Amanda Palmer, Deftones, and Portishead. Rick has been listening to an assortment of things lately. The last four things he played in his car are Elliott Smith, At the Drive-In, Hopsin, and The Smashing Pumpkins. A whole lot of late '90s alternative music as well.

Q. Maybe there is something more what you would like to share with your fans?
We're all on a constant search for new music and hope all of you are too. Don't be afraid to research music history and visit music blogs like Archiv Hate, Metal Sucks, and Cvlt Nation and explore your mind.

slaves bc & archiv hate.

SLAVES BC interview at ARCHIV HATE interview mag.

cool video made by SLAVES BC - new EP preview:
another cool DIY video by SLAVES BC:

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