Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis 2012

The most ambitious project of the band until the present date; Obsidian Kingdom’s debut fully displays its components’ maturity in music writing and performing, meaning a bizarre step outside the boundaries of extreme music. Taking part in the long-lived tradition of rock operas – from David Bowie to King Diamond –, “Mantiis” embarks the listener in an eerie musical trip, noted for the coherent exploration of a wide range of styles and emotions. The band spares no sound resources in order to portray the most varied scenes; from quiet despair to utter violence.

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Obsidian Kingdom is an independent music project founded in Barcelona in 2005. The band plays hard-to-classify heavy music with plenty of contrasts.
Its main features are the use of multiple sound resources in order to portray a wide range of emotions; a deep interest for aesthetics and the mise-en-scčne; and the sombre and cryptic quality of their lyrical topics. Defying both tradition and their Black Metal origins, Obsidian Kingdom continue to tread their own path in an untiring search for their own unique style, aside from convention or style boundaries.
In the age of internet, global communication and file sharing, the band has decided to offer its entire discography for free download. Aware of the huge turn of events caused by the collapse of the music industry, Obsidian Kingdom has clearly placed its bet.

Rider G Omega – Guitars and vocals
Prozoid Zeta JSI – Guitars
Zer0 Ęmeour Ķggdrasil – Keys and vocals
Fleast Race O’Uden – Bass
Ojete Mordaza II – Drums


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