I Am A Curse - Prequel For An Unforgiving Wreckage: barren lands 2011

"This is a treatise on hopes relinquished and silent bitterness. The manifesto of the cold and the proud. A story of ghastly disgrace: I have to carry on, I have to, and that since I first heard the creaking of this empty crib, revengeful, now rocking endlessly in my head. Hark it, you know it will never cease. You know it. because yes, being dead is nothing compared to the knowledge that you are, indeed, dying. This is the first part of our cursed dyptich. Each song has its counterpart, if not in the prequel, then in the sequel to come. Nobody is stranger to grief and nobody has not their tales of hardship and dismay. Among billions, this is one of them. A drama without words. An incident remained untold. This is the prequel for an unforgiving wreckage. Listen and decipher. And live, to rejoice and to endure." -I AM A CURSE.

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