dresden/leningrad - vader 2012

“Rising from the ashes of all that is doomed, Dresden/Leningrad is here to bring an ode to those who given their life to The Father. The riff marches, the devil's song buzzes over the battlefield that is bombarded by the kettledrums of hell. Cannons loaded, rifles polished and oiled, knuckles white and pupils dilated. Tread the tracks of your fallen brothers, Dresden/Leningrad is your leading light through No Man's Land.”

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We are Dresden/Leningrad, a Doom/Stoner trio from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have been together for a little over a year and our EP named 'Vader' is our first brainchild. We draw our inspiration from scenes of both World Wars and 70s occult rock. With our EP, we attempted to paint a picture; a gruesome, gloomy picture of a battlefield, where all hope is abandoned, where it is everybody for themselves, where the reason for fighting has been long forgotten and soldiers are so down on their luck and feeling desperate, they turn to the Devil for help. All in all, most battlefields are the Devil's playground, don't you think? For now, we share our EP for free on our BandCamp page (dresdenleningrad1.bandcamp.com) and we are trying to focus on doing shows, getting our name out there and writing new material. We are planning on recording a new EP, or even a whole album in spring 2013.
Drums: Lei Von Der StraBe, Bass: Gijs Highnis, Guitars & Vocals: Sebastiaan IsAan.

email: dresdenleningrad@gmail.com

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