Battle Pope, Jesus Christ Posse’s split 12” LP

The collective psyche of humankind still bears the scars from violent religious schism in ages past. Where religion and the highest spiritual ideals are concerned, such splits can cause permanent trauma in culture.

The Great Schism in the eleventh Century severed the once joined spiritual life of peoples East and West, and they have followed their own separate trajectories ever since.

A few hundred years later, the Western Schism saw the Roman Catholic Church split, waging a bitter blood-feud over who was the ‘true’ Pope. The kingdom of Christiandom quite recovered from The Protestant Reformation, where Protestants broke off from the central authority of the Church in Rome in the 16th Century.

Now, in the 21st Century, two militant mega-churches have emerged in Sydney, Australia. While both have amassed powerful flocks, they have announced holy war and blood feud. In the interest of mediating a more peaceful resolution, Art As Catharsis is pleased to present to you a sampling of each group’s teaching, so that it might be determined which speaks the true Word of God.

About Battle Pope
Battle Pope are dick-slinging, soul-winning, heathen-killing Paladins of pussy and party - a most holy quartet of sexual juggernauts armed with powerful Papal fluid. Only through their teaching will you find salvation.

Blending elements of sludge, swing, rock, grind and doom, Battle Pope’s sermon have been likened to "Little Richard wildly fucking Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff and Elvis at a hedonist coke orgy".

They are a demented incarnation of Parliament, crazed by hyper-sexualised modern culture and fuelled by advanced research chemicals.
Features members of Dumbsaint, Serious Beak, Adrift for Days and Kill A Celebrity.

About Jesus Christ Posse
The saviours of Sydney City Hardcore Jesus Christ Posse leave a trail of bloodied heathens in their wake. Reppin' Christian punk worldwide from Bondi to Bethlehem - so it is written, so it shall be done.

Their music recalls early 90’s hardcore punk rock, with an aggressive edge forged through religious purity, strict abstinence and straight-edge lifestyle.
Features members of Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt and Rather Be Dead.

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